CT rugs

rugcollectionfortworthCT RUGS is located near on Curzon Avenue off Camp Bowie in Fort Worth. All kinds of rugs are available in CT Rugs such as Persian Rugs, Indo Persian Rugs, Pakistani Rugs, Chinese Rugs, Silk Rugs, Flat woven Kilim Rugs, Hand Knotted Rugs, Antique Rugs, Navajo Rugs, Needlepoint Rugs and Silk Rugs. We also have a number of services available to our customers like:

Rug Cleaning , Rug Repair, Restoration of Antique Rugs, Rug -Appraisals & Insurance Claims, Rug stain removal, Coffee stains, wine stains, oil stains, cat and dog stains removal-Pet urine, odor removal, Repair of fringes, Re-edging the sides, Re-weaving missing corners or holes -Mildew removal, Glue removal, Tar removal, Moth proofing and Deodorizing.


We also serve hot Persian tea made especially for our customers. Come and visit us today and have an enjoyable experience, persianteafortworthmake lifetime friends and make good investments in rugs. Generally beverages are not served with meals in Persia, aside perhaps from a glass of ice water or dugh. Nonetheless, Persians are great tea drinkers. Chai is the national beverage – some would even say the national pastime. It’s served at the office, in mosques and bazaars. Tea plays a social role and ends every meal, at which time everyone returns to the living room. The tea leaves infuse in the tea maker, set atop a samovar.


The host pours a little of this dark liquid into a glass and brings it up to the light to assess its color and strength. Then he pours the very strong tea into small glasses rimmed with silver, set on a silver tray. He dilutes it with boiling water from the samovar to the taste of each guest. When the sugar is passed to you, don’t drop a piece into your glass: this is sugar that doesn’t dissolve easily. Instead, you put a piece into your mouth and drink little sips of tea around this crystallized or caramelized sugar cube.

Come and meet the owner: Tom Siasi


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